Thursday, July 17, 2008

For guidance from God

One Little prayer today for the boy who is confused about what to do after 12th std.
Medicine? Engineering? Biotechnology? Mass Media?
The choices are few because of an average performance, and the desire is strong to become a doctor.
I pray that God guides him, and he becomes happy and successful in whatever comes his way.

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Sankri said...

Interesting blog. I remember reading the below:

Pundit Shashadhar, a renowned Hindu preacher of the time, asked Sri Ramakrishna, “Does God listen to our prayers?” Sri Ramakrishna answered:

God is the Kalpataru, the Wish-fulfilling Tree. You will certainly get whatever you ask of Him. But you must pray standing near the Kalpataru. Only then will your prayer be fulfilled. But you must remember another thing. God knows our inner felling. A man gets the fulfillment of the desire he cherishes while practicing sadhana [spiritual discipline]. As one thinks, so one receives.