Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Updates of previous prayers

Dear Readers,
Thanks a million!!! Our prayers are working.....
I will tell you in brief about their effects on each of the cases...
  1. For a badly begun day to turn good: That day, my friend went home early feeling sick. She was in a much better mood the next day. I am not sure it was our prayer, but I am still glad we prayed for her.
  2. For guidance from God: The boy I was praying for has got admitted into a medical college.
  3. For better luck: Mr. SBK had to pay Rs. 8000 for the repairs of his car. He has been offered the whole sum by his friend who had brought the stranger along with him, but not by the stranger himself. He has refused. He had expected the damages to go beyond 15ooo, so 8000 is still not so bad....
  4. Lost Passport: Wonder of wonders.... MO found it!!!! It actually happened the way we prayed it would happen... a good Samaritan returned it. He brought it personally to her old address, and her old neighbor kept it for her!!
Keep the faith!

Monday, September 8, 2008

For the reward of patience

One little prayer for my friend KKH, who is being tested for basic virtues like patience, perseverance and tolerance. I pray that his soul finds the strength to bring him through all this and that he is FREE. I pray that he finds the strength to bring his life back on track after the major tragedy that he had to face.